hello lmms team,

i've got few questions to ask. i have found this project time ago. before i was using fruity loops, but last months i'm linux only and i'm starting to miss my music production. thus i wonder about helping with lmms. i'm wondering about:

- changes in GUI
because i think, that todays gui can have many improvements ( at least smaller and nicer icon )

- programming a synth drum machine
i miss this from fruity very much ( http://www.fruityloops.com/documents/drumsynthlive.html ). is there any detailed tutorial or manual helping me understand how to create new plugin? for example ( well commented ) synth plugin creating only simple sinusoid with one example button would be great.

than i hope to create some demo songs ( you can listen to my old stuff here : http://neuron.fei.tuke.sk/~rockai/mp3/ )