Hey dudes and dudesses who are working with LMMS
I love your work
I'm pretty new to linux, being a long time windows user-- but I'm slowly coming to my senses.
Anyways, I'm an artist, graphical and musical
I've worked with programs like Fruity loops before, and need a music editing program so I can continue learning music
But at the same time, my loathing for windows is growing, so I want to switch to Linux
LMMS looks promising, but looks like the GUI could use some developement.
Now, I don't know much about programing mind you, but I do know my way around image editing programs like photoshop. So what I'm wanting to know, is if you'd like some help with the GUI design.
I could give you photoshopped pics of a possible gui, and you could try to cut it up, and recreate it/implement my designs.
Is this at all possible? Or am I delusional?
Oh well, I dunno. I just thought I'd try to help, because I'm interested in the project.
Someone on this mailing list- write me back if you have some usefull information.