Since LMMS can get pretty resource intensive, render the track to a wav.  Your computer should be able to play and record a wav at the same time without a problem.  Audactity might be able to do this for you.

I don't recommend trying to run too man programs in Linux that use the sound card, as they often conflict with eachother.

Another option... In the past I've used a small portable multitrack recorder with headphones, and it works pretty good with the built-in mic, but they're usually like 100 bucks.

Let us know your progress.  These questions may be basic, but they're obstacles that all new users will face.


On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 10:16 AM, mikkel meinike <> wrote:
Hi again
I apologise for posting to questions at a time and this second one is
even slightly off-topic, but it just that I could use forever googling
on this and you guys probably have a answer for this which will
probably reduce my research time remarkably. I am in a Linux
environment (puppy Linux.. I love it)  I made this little hip-hop beat
and now i want to put my voice over it. How do I do that? I have a mic
that goes in to the mini-jack on the sound card, but I never tried
anything like this before. I think this i not really a LMMS question
since I think it will be easier to put my voice over the finished
beat-track as a sound file because of the computer power problems we
discussed in an earlier mail. So can I do this with audacity or sox or
something? I would like to be able to hear the beat and on the same
time being able to record my voice on top of it. From google I
understand that maybe not all sound carts are able to do this. Playing
out while at the same time recording inn. Well can anybody on this
list give my a little help on this? (At least I think if I burn the
rhythm track to a CD I will be able to play the CD and record both the
CD sound and the mic input at the same time).


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