I'm trying to do what you are describing and finding it really tough.  I'm not doing any professional production at all, but rather trying to duplicate what I was doing previously with windows software for my own hobby.

I began using audacity (on Linux and Windows) for putting together loops, samples and lyrics that I'll make with LMMS.  I've had mixed luck doing this.

All of my previous work was made with FruityLoops + Acid.  I've yet to get there with LMMS and Audicaty, but I'm confident its possible.

Sorry for the myspace plug.  I hope you all find it on-topic.  Myspace's player doesn't do justice to CD quality music, so combine that with computer speakers and anything home made sounds like it's played through a phonograph! :)

So if you can, play them with headphones.  I'd rather not upload those specifically to the site since they're not (yet) LMMS tracks.  Cheers.

On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 12:36 PM, Grammostola Rosea <> wrote:
anyone making hip hop /rap music with lmms on linux?

How and what apps do you use?

thanks in advance,

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