I agree with kevin's ideia and his scheme or diagram. I think it's the best way
to join the project and it's samples together.

On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 7:29 PM, Kevin Cao <kevin.helen@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm also using a software called Renoise. Song files are stored in a *.xrns file which contains a XML document and SampleData directory where all samples of the song are stored :

              |---Instrument00 (name00)
              |--- [...]
              |---InstrumentXX (nameXX)
                       |---Sample00 (name00).flac
                       |--- [...]
                       |---SampleXX (nameXX).flac

So +1 for this idea, it's very useful when you don't work alone.

Looking forward to see the 0.4 ;)


2008/3/18, Paul Giblock <drfaygo@gmail.com>:
Here is a message that was sent to me instead of the discussion.  Enzo
- Make sure to do "Reply all" then delete any names that are not
lmms-devel or lmms-users.

Sounds like an interesting idea.  I imagine we could store the
external files into the XML as base64, but it would be ideal to
realize this without requiring a rewrite of the instruments.  I guess
the project saver can make a second pass, and add an additional
attribute to each tag that contains a file name.. I dunno.


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People I have an ideia. I think it's a necessity to everone.
I think that adding a packing way for the projects
something like Fl studio zip files so that anyone could
hear another ones project will all sounds