Hey Luke,

I'm forwarding this question to the LMMS-devel mailing list. I believe Tobias Doerffel figured out a way to do it which was much better than the hack I implemented. Tobias?

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This email is for Andy Kelley, please ignore if I have the wrong address.

I found a fluid-dev mailing list question from you
(http://www.mail-archive.com/fluid-dev@nongnu.org/msg00919.html) where
you were asking about being able to set the panning on individual
notes to be played. Did you ever find out an efficient way to do this,
neatly? Or did you just settle for defining N channels, each panned
differently, and limit yourself to N different panning values? I'm
working on a program where I want to be able to do this, and can't get
qsynth to do it, so I'm looking at using fluidsynth itself in the
program. If you have any tips on any solutions you came up with that
would be great.


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