tobydox and pgib:

I have an idea: Organize the TODO file and made sure we add everything we can think of to it. It should have all bugs, features, everything. Next, we go through each item and assign a version - when this feature be complete. And then finally, within each version, sort by importance.

Example (this is just arbitrary - I am not actually considering which version to put them in):

Version 0.4.5
- do not process effects when playing frozen patterns
- select number of channels in export-project-dialog
- try to make vestige-plugin-dlls relative
- do song-editor-tempo-connection to vst-plugin inside remoteVSTPlugin

Version 0.9.0
- add/remove-steps button in bb-editor for adding/removing according number of steps to/from all patterns of visible beat/baseline
- replace rest of wizard by simple directory-selection-dialog for working-dir when running the first time
- correctly load steps/dots from FLP-files

Version 1.0
- convert FL-Plucked!-parameters to Vibed-parameters

Once this organization is done, it's motivating because you can see exactly what you need to do to get to the next release. We could even assign each TODO item to a developer, and have a date to try to get your stuff done by.

I think this organization would motivate us to release more frequent and useful updates.

Andy Kelley
Nuclear Development