Hello, im from argentina.
Ive been a flstudio user since fruity loops 3.5 to the present tiem. And in the las 4 yeas also an Ableton Live user. I have aintermediate degree in Industrial Design and write and speak in english fluidly.
I offer collaboration in any field, except programming, which I do not knowledge.
I think it's great to have a FL Studio clno sor of hing, since Im not able to pay for flstudio right now and theres some stuff i think can be improved. To be sincere i havent tried lmms yet, for miy mind is in a burdened state right now, but Ive checked all the info and am very excited, also the multi platform thing is cool. Im planning to acquire an Open Pandora handheld PC, and hanig a FLstudio-like piece of software is sort of like having your coffe machine and sandwich ingredients in your car, I think? :P