> I would like to task whether you see other urgent/critical issues in
> LMMS 0.4.12 that should be fixed before 0.4.13? Or any feature from
> LMMS master branch that should be ported to the stable branch?
> Thanks and best regards
> Toby

Hi here is my list of things i would really like to see fixed for the
next stable release.....

(1) Instrument ENV/LFO Filters.
    add the extra filters from master branch.
(2) Fix note detune in song editor.
    bug: 3462555

(3) Fix Freeze track broken by certain instruments.
    bug: 3109262
(4) Fix Tooltips of Sample track.
    the tooltips are not remembered whenever a song has been reopened
    (although non critical it is good for quick reference to loaded samples)

thanks Mikobuntu ;)