Maybe this could allow us also to implement some live-looping features in the future makinkg LMMS suitable for live act performance as well?

2014/1/14 Harry van Haaren <>
Hey all,

I'm excited to see new life in LMMS: and I'd like to help design the refactor of the audio engine.

It is very important for the LMMS project to become a Real-Time (RT) safe audio-application:
random glitches / dropouts are caused if its not real-time safe.

To start a constructive discussion, i'd like to introduce some content, which perhaps
is already known to some developers.

Basics of RT programming:

How the engine communicates has *huge* implications for how the rest of the program can
interact with it.

This would be a large-scale refactor of the most critical part of LMMS: and it needs to be done.

I'm sending this email as the start of a discussion about how to approach refactoring the engine
so we can design a real-time safe audio engine for LMMS.

-Harry, OpenAV productions

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