Yes, it was you, Johannes.

True - mixer strips for appended song should be remapped. Maybe a possibility to change FM-mixer colors as well would be good for grouping? And then mixer strips auto-rename would also do auto-color-change with blending colors of multiple instruments...

2014/1/17 Johannes Lorenz <>

I think it is a good idea, especially for remixes.

> Someone mentioned it's possible to read another project without cleaning up the workspace.
> I never knew it's so easy to do (erease one line of code).

if I get you correctly, you mean: Load one song, and then "append" the tracks of the other? I once tried this by removing the cleanup line. It actually works, but before you do it, you must take care of many other things. What I would suggest is first shifting the mixer channels by the one track by the maximum channel number of the other. This does not work automatically. Also, anything else ID related, like e.g. controller IDs, might need a workaround.

If it's possible, maybe you should first shift all ids of one song, which should not destroy the song at all, and finally layer this song over the other.


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