I'm a bit terrified by one bug* in LMMS 0.4.12, so I decided to also build LMMS from GIT and try if it is free of that bug.

After I compiled it, LMMS runs but has no available instrument plugins. So I can make not sound with it. It's not the first time I see this problem.

What could be wrong?

*the bug is LMMS randomly runs in a state in which ZynAddSubFX preset data is not transferred into LMMS project files. Saving the project or duplicating a ZASFX instrument results in all the ZASFX programs to be permanently lost. The ZASFX-internal instrument data is there only as long as the ZASFX windows are open. It can be noticed by the size of MMPZ files, but I had some big trouble (including the need to re-make all instruments in a song from scratch). I'm terrified by this. If anyone knows what could be the cause - please fix it!!

Tobiasz unfa

Version: 3.1
GIT/MU/P d->-- s+:-(--)> a? C++(+++)>$ ULC+(++)>$ !P? L+++>++++$ E? W++>$ !N-? !o--? K-? !w-- O? !M-- V? PS++ PE++ !Y+ !PGP+? !t(+) 5? !X !R+ tv b+>+++ DI>+ D+ G e h-->- !r y--()