I was using 0.4.10 to finish my album, but I didn't notice my system was to update LMMS to version 0.4.12 (which I don't want). It happened. LMMS was like totally broken and didn't have any audio plugins (no TripleOsc, no sampler, no Zyn, no nothing) - this problem is familiar from compiling LMMS from sources. I managed to get LMMS back to 0.4.11 (it has all plugins), but still all my work is broken now. Sic!

I use ZynAddSubFX for 99% of the sounds in my projects.

Somehow envelopes are behaving way different in each of the three versions of LMMS:


I have to manually correct almost all instruments (mainly drums) to make it right, which I did for 0.4.10.
Now I need to get my 0.4.10 back to finish the album, or I'll have to pull out my hair...

So does someone has a 64-bit .deb of LMMS 0.4.10 to share with me, please?

Tobiasz unfa

Version: 3.1
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