The idea of adding value quantization as an option to the editor is interesting. However, I'm afraid of it being non-obvious and possibly distracting for new users if not implemented properly. "Why can't I draw smooth lines??".  The controller framework is purposefully generic, but that doesn't mean it cannot be smarter. The primary issue here is that the controller can drive multiple automatable controls, even those of other controllers. Therefore, there is no "one true discrete value set" for the LFO's base knob.

Having said that, the problem is simplified if only one controller is connected. Perhaps some of the LFO's knob's parameters can inherit those of the controller if only one control is connected. If multiple controls are connected, then perhaps it can inherit the values if all connected controls share the same discrete values. If the controls are all discrete, but do not have the same discrete values, then maybe a union can be used. If any of the connected controls are non-discrete, then the controller's controls must remain non-discretized.

An interesting experiment, but not something I see myself getting into soon. I do not know if controls have the ability to change their min/max-value and to signal this fact to other objects off the top of my head. This would be required as the controller is connected to additional controls. Comments?

-- Paul

On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 9:30 AM, Johannes Lorenz <> wrote:

true, the numbers are converted. But the problem is: how to draw the automation for the controller's base knob? Say we got 5 discrete values, then you will have to divide 127 by 5 in your head and then draw carefully, hoping you draw the wanted discrete value.

> That being said, perhaps
> people would want a discretized LFO waveform for whatever purpose. I'd
> consider just adding a quantization knob to the current LFO controller.

You mean a knob which changes the Model from FloatModel(...,0,127) to IntModel(...,0,N)? Or something like increasing the stepSize for the FloatModel? I thought of the same. But if the user had some automation with the value 0.5 and changes then from FloatModel to a boolean IntModel, then 0.5 would be invalid. I don't think invalid values are good.

Another approach for this might be to let the user choose a discrete pencil for the automation editor and leave the controller like it is. This might also be useful in many other situations. What do you think about this? 


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