So I've been brooding for a bit because I really want to contribute to LMMS but have zero XP with audio/music programming. I do know C++, but I don't feel ambitious enough ATM to try and wrap my head around LMMS's insides. I do however, happen to know a bit about graphic art. I'm familiar with Blender, a 3D animation suite, GIMP(which you all know,) basic color matching/complementing, camera composition, and special FX. I came to wonder if there is a need for LMMS art design/improvement? My tastes don't like the current logo, so I've even gone as far as to create a new splash screen with a different one for my personal LMMS theme. It's kind of been around for awhile by my understanding though, so maybe it's too late to change? I am capable and interested in re-designing the logo/splash at least if the community is open/interested in a change. Also, if there are other graphics that need done or re-done, I might be interested in helping with them.

Is there any way I can apply these skills to contribute?