It should be cool for you to code it. Just post the results as a patch here and the other devs can take a look.

On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 7:05 AM, [Zyn]Johannes <> wrote:


as far as I see, the LMMS remote version ZynAddSubFX does not support NRPNs,
only the registered (see here
). I think they are very useful for automation. Some of them seem to work
good. Allowing this in LMMS would make ZynAddSubFX such a killer synth and
it seems extremely easy to code.

I volunteer to code that. Also, I'm in contact with the ZynAddSubFX
developer(s) and we could find out which NRPNs are working fine.

Can someone please write this code or simply allow me to do it? 8-) Thanks
very much for support.

Kind regards,

Note: I already posted this here at
SourceForge .
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