Agreed. The ability to customize is an amazing problem solver in GUI design.

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 7:52 PM, Zbigniew <> wrote:
2013/6/20, John Serafino <>:

> I can confirm that bug you mentioned at the end, but I'm not sure which
> mode of MIDI keyboard operation would be more frequently used. I can
> definitely see the advantage of an option to do it FL style, where the MIDI
> keyboard sends notes to the currently active instrument track, but I
> personally wouldn't use it much. I use an Oxygen61 to control most of the
> parameters in my track, and they are usually spread out across several
> tracks.

 Well, my proposal won't add you a single click more - while it can
save a lot of clicks to the ones working "my way" (mostly controlling
with keyboard the active - not hidden - panels).

 It's very easy: if "default MIDI keyboard" won't be set in the
configuration module, that additional button "Keep keyboard connected
when minimized" should be by default "on"; therefore you won't need to
click it - everything will act as today.

 However, if someone set its "default MIDI keyboard", the assumption
is, he prefers "my way" (to say it shortly) of controlling the
synthesizers, therefore that button should be "off" by default.
Everyone would be happy - nobody accustomed to present way of using
keyboard won't have to change his habits.