This has been a long standing bug...

When you first open an exiting project and double-click an existing beat/bassline it won't open.  You have to use the toolbar button instead.

Since it's (hopefully) a small fix on a major component, would it be something that could easily be patched into 0.4.14?


On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 3:32 PM, Tobias Doerffel <> wrote:
Hi folks,

after a long period of inactivity, there has been some traffic in our
Git repositories lately. As there were not just bugfixes but also new
features which potentially introduce new bugs, I made a release
candidate for 0.4.14. You can obtain it at

If there are no serious problems, I'll release 0.4.14 before Christmas.

Changes in detail:

* Added multiple track export feature
* MidiClientRaw: fixed parsing of MIDI events
* MIDI: added more controller related constants
* MIDI: added initial sustain pedal support
* RemotePlugin: improved management of shared memory keys
* Various stability improvements to RemotePlugin framework

* ControllerConnectionDialog: fix crash on autodetect when using raw MIDI client
* ExportProjectDialog: added option for exporting song as loop
* Fixed bugs with magnetic knobs
* Ergonomic enhancements for AudioFileProcessor plugin (interactive wave view).
* Piano roll: fix scale marking algorithm and improve rendering
* AutomationEditor: show tooltip with exact value
* Track: allow smaller height
* InstrumentMidiIOView: fix number of digits for MIDI channel spinboxes
* InstrumentMidiIOView: added support for fixed output notes
* SetupDialog: added option for disabling auto save feature
* InstrumentTrack: show FX mixer when double clicking FX line LCD spinbox
* SetupDialog: turn off auto save per default
* Widgets/Fader: increment/decrement by 1 via scroll wheel
* Widgets/Fader: generic knob drawing code
* Widgets/Fader: improved usability by not jumping to mouse click position
* Widgets/Fader: open input dialog on double click
* FxMixerView: do not set size constraint on parent MDI window

* ZynAddSubFX: fixed possible buffer overflow
* RemoteVstPlugin: fixed too short arrays for preset names
* Vestige: send NoteOff events for all possible MIDI keys
* VstPlugin, RemoteVstPlugin: save/restore current program of VST
plugin (fixes broken loading of settings with various VST plugins)
* RemotePlugin, VstPlugin: reorganized and partly rewrote
program/preset related functions
* RemoteVstPlugin: send updates of current program name if changed
* RemoteVstPlugin: use pluginDispatch() everywhere for thread safety
* RemoteVstPlugin: more locking, range checking etc.
* RemoteVstPlugin: fixed out-of-bound array access
* RemoteVstPlugin: less verbose debug message

Misc/Build related:
* Updated Polish localization files
* Localizations: renamed ir.* to fa.* for ISO 639 conformance
* PianoView: do not include Xlib.h header file anymore
* LocalZynAddSubFx: added missing header include for GCC 4.7 compat
* make fftw3 a requirement and not optional anymore
* FlpImport/unrtf: renamed malloc.h to ur_malloc.h for not conflicting
with system headers
* RemoteVstPlugin: use size_t for loop index to fix compiler warning
* DrumSynth: removed unused variable

Best regards


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