On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 10:43 PM, andy sizemore <sizemore0409@gmail.com> wrote:
Blue Arp is a free arpeggiator/step-sequencer vst which looks pretty superb and which everybody seems to love; but I can't find anything online which helps me to get it working in conjunction with LMMS.

Using VSTs as stand-alone instrument (which receives MIDI events) works well with LMMS.   In addition, using VSTs for stand-alone effects (which receives and modifies audio output) also works really well with LMMS.

However what you are trying to achieve is quite different from these two scenarios.  From what I can observe, you are trying to achieve midi-generating, sequencer-like behavior out of a VST plugin which I'm not sure LMMS plays well with.  Let me explain a bit more... 

The Blue Arp seems to want to output to midi by default and even stranger, if I put notes in the piano roll with Microsoft MIDI selected, it does play a piano note, but not from the arpeggiator (assuming its used as a vestige instrument track).


Who on the list has experience routing MIDI?  Has anyone tried anything like this before?

You may have hit a feature that we just don't yet play well with.  I'm interested in hearing feedback from other users in this regard.