On Tue, Jun 3, 2014 at 12:42 PM, Gerald Lamar Bryant <gerald_bryant@comcast.net> wrote:
May I suggest a small change to the name rather than a totally new name? LM Studio. Fruity Loops only slightly rebranded themselves so that new and old users alike would still know what DAW people were referring to. This is a similar strategy to the restaurant change Kentucky Fried Chicken slowly becoming KFC.

It doesn't have my vote.  LM Studio sounds worse than LMMS IMO and FL-Studio sound equally as ridiculous.

FruityLoops sounds fun.  FL Studio sounds bland.  I wouldn't be surprised if Kellogg actually asked them to change the name similar to how AOL (AIM) asked Pidign too rename from the conflicting "GAIM".

Marketing mistakes are destroying innovation, like the new Windows 8 interface.  It is so bad that Microsoft is reverting it for their next update.  If a new name is picked, it will be because it's a better name, not simply because we feel compelled to change our existing one. :)