Also, ZynAddSubFX presets seem to preview on note A1 instead of A4 like the rest of the instruments.  Not sure if this is new or existing.


On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 6:26 PM, Tres Finocchiaro <> wrote:

This has been a long standing bug...

When you first open an exiting project and double-click an existing beat/bassline it won't open.  You have to use the toolbar button instead.

Since it's (hopefully) a small fix on a major component, would it be something that could easily be patched into 0.4.14?


On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 3:32 PM, Tobias Doerffel <> wrote:
Hi folks,

after a long period of inactivity, there has been some traffic in our
Git repositories lately. As there were not just bugfixes but also new
features which potentially introduce new bugs, I made a release
candidate for 0.4.14. You can obtain it at

If there are no serious problems, I'll release 0.4.14 before Christmas.

Changes in detail:

* Added multiple track export feature
* MidiClientRaw: fixed parsing of MIDI events
* MIDI: added more controller related constants
* MIDI: added initial sustain pedal support
* RemotePlugin: improved management of shared memory keys
* Various stability improvements to RemotePlugin framework

* ControllerConnectionDialog: fix crash on autodetect when using raw MIDI client
* ExportProjectDialog: added option for exporting song as loop
* Fixed bugs with magnetic knobs
* Ergonomic enhancements for AudioFileProcessor plugin (interactive wave view).
* Piano roll: fix scale marking algorithm and improve rendering
* AutomationEditor: show tooltip with exact value
* Track: allow smaller height
* InstrumentMidiIOView: fix number of digits for MIDI channel spinboxes
* InstrumentMidiIOView: added support for fixed output notes
* SetupDialog: added option for disabling auto save feature
* InstrumentTrack: show FX mixer when double clicking FX line LCD spinbox
* SetupDialog: turn off auto save per default
* Widgets/Fader: increment/decrement by 1 via scroll wheel
* Widgets/Fader: generic knob drawing code
* Widgets/Fader: improved usability by not jumping to mouse click position
* Widgets/Fader: open input dialog on double click
* FxMixerView: do not set size constraint on parent MDI window

* ZynAddSubFX: fixed possible buffer overflow
* RemoteVstPlugin: fixed too short arrays for preset names
* Vestige: send NoteOff events for all possible MIDI keys
* VstPlugin, RemoteVstPlugin: save/restore current program of VST
plugin (fixes broken loading of settings with various VST plugins)
* RemotePlugin, VstPlugin: reorganized and partly rewrote
program/preset related functions
* RemoteVstPlugin: send updates of current program name if changed
* RemoteVstPlugin: use pluginDispatch() everywhere for thread safety
* RemoteVstPlugin: more locking, range checking etc.
* RemoteVstPlugin: fixed out-of-bound array access
* RemoteVstPlugin: less verbose debug message

Misc/Build related:
* Updated Polish localization files
* Localizations: renamed ir.* to fa.* for ISO 639 conformance
* PianoView: do not include Xlib.h header file anymore
* LocalZynAddSubFx: added missing header include for GCC 4.7 compat
* make fftw3 a requirement and not optional anymore
* FlpImport/unrtf: renamed malloc.h to ur_malloc.h for not conflicting
with system headers
* RemoteVstPlugin: use size_t for loop index to fix compiler warning
* DrumSynth: removed unused variable

Best regards


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