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Does anyone know how to get LMMS to recognize a USB MIDISPORT 8x8/s MIDI interface and an Aardvark ASIO soundcard in Windows XP?
I asked the group this question once as a new user and got zero response.

Next time you have a question, please start a new topic so that both questions are answered individually.

What OS are you using?

In Windows 7, the MIDI interface is probably working fine, just not selected inside LMMS.  Assuming you've used MIDI before you know to plug the OUT into the IN on your device and the IN into the OUT on your device.

When you plug the USB MIDI into the computer, Windows update should automatically install the correct drivers (you will need to be connected to the internet for this).

Next, you will want to open any instrument by clicking the button for it, go to the MIDI tab, click ENABLE MIDI INPUT and select your USB MIDI device from the dropdown.  Here is a screenshot from the LMMS wiki pages:


As far as ASIO, I'm not sure of it's current state on Windows.  Here's an article that I tried.  Hopefully you get further than I did:



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