#1:  Bug:  There is a scenario where notes in piano roll are too small to be dragged larger.  This is an old bug, but wanted to report it (I can open an incident with a tracker if needed)  To reproduce: 1. Create beat/bassline 2.  Click one "beat" so that it is on/lit green.  3.  Open piano foll for instrument.  4.  Click the lit note once to make pencil width cached.  Draw a 3nd very thin note to confirm  5.  Try to drag note wider and cannot.  Stuck with very thin note forever.

#2:  Feature:  I'm doing a technical review for a future book on LMMS.  It frequently uses the piano roll feature "add steps --> 16 steps" and says "repeat for every instrument in the beat/bassline editor".   Can I put in a feature request to add a button to automatically add steps to the whole beat/bassline? (Every channel in the currently active beat/bassline). Perhaps would show on the interface as a drop-down button near the toolbar?

#3:  Feature:  As a convenience in the beat/bassline editor, can there be an option to fill every 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th notes?  This same book focuses on dance music, and it is common for the author to start a project filling the 1st, 5th, 9th, 13th notes.  I'm sure this is common for others too! There are other helpers in the right-click menu, would you consider adding such a feature?