If you really feel this is good enough to have it included, you may have better luck proposing it way-way upstream to the Zyn team.  I believe all of our built-in Zyn presets trickle downstream from them, so if they accept, it will eventually make it into a future build.

Zyn is sort of a black-sheep in that regard because the LMMS project didn't write it, but it has been integrated in a way that suggests it's built-in like the rest.

- Tres.Finocchiaro@gmail.com

On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 8:48 AM, musikbear <mkrus18@hotmail.com> wrote:
whitch instruments will be able to create a truely unique sound? That could
be the question. I think Monstro and sfX could - Personally i have never
used the 8bit generators, but if someone wanted to make an old-school
video-game, then freeboy and 'commandore¨ (?) would be extremely usefull.
imo the only way to get to know peeps usage of different instruments, would
be to make a survey -Doesent facebook have tools for that (not a fb user/
liker, so i dont know the fancy in and outs of fb), but if we could get an
idea, of what users actually prefere to use, then both tutorials, and
presets, could be made. with better use-potential
(most propl 'just' use the existing zasfx, because they are there, and they
really dont dabble in preset-making :)

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