Generally, there is nothing illegal about selling GPL software so as long as the license remains intact and any source code changes are made available. (I know, I sell GPL licensed software every day).

This behavior (although seems shady and dishonest) is actually encouraged by most FOSS advocates. A storefront often brings more attention to a product (such as Mandriva Linux selling its distribution at Walmart in early 2000s).

I've examined a few of the sales on EBay and found the sellers specifically quoting the right to sell, usually directly from the GPL license.

The only time this should cause alarm is when the code has been modified but not made available (such as with early versions of the Linksys router firmware). If you find this to be the case, it is usually worthy of bringing to the attention of the FSF and then the necessary action to resolve the violation can be made (in the case with Linksys, they surrendered their source code, which is now used in part in the DDWRT project).

So, this is generally within the rights of the seller.  Said seller may be responsible for implied amounts of liability, warranty and/or support, since selling something implies a contract of usability.


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I just bought your free software from ebay. I noticed on the installer a copyright notice for 1012 by SF Software Soloutions - the ebay seller. I think he may be taking credit and money for your software !
It is great to see a linux cdode running in windows but I think I'll be downloading the linux version (better OS) and not paying SFSoftwareSoloutions for it !


James Allison - another linux nerd

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