Try going to the Controls and dragging the knobs from there.  May not be the same effect, but seems to work from there.

I had some really strange behavior with the decay knob, especially when working with reverb.  It bugs out all over the place.  


On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 9:34 AM, kpj <> wrote:
Hey guys,
normally you can automate the effect of "knobs" like Vol and Pan with
ctrl-klicking und dragging them to an automation track.
Now my question is, if this is also possible with knobs, which are
inside of an Instrument, like for example the one called "Decay" in the
"Kicker". Because, when I crl-click and drag it to an automation track
and change the yellow bars. there isnt any effect at all.
Is there any trick I am missing, or is it just impossible (which would
be akward)?

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