I was been having trouble with 64 bit versions too, i cant remember all of the dependencies i was lacking (i was using linux though.) but it may be related to some library that you dont have. you may want to try and compile yourself, which was what eventually led me to find my missing dependencies and fix the problems.


On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 8:33 PM, Joshua Wade <qbgeekjtw@gmail.com> wrote:
I can't seem to use any VSTs at all in the new release candidate. When I try, I get this error: The VST-plugin (insert vst path here) could not be loaded for some reason.

If it runs with other VST-software under Linux, please contact an LMMS-developer!

I used to be able to run them in 0.4.13.

I'm currently using Windows 7, 64 bit.


Joshua Wade

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