Good question. I would suggest also when changing soundfont. Then it behaves as it would in 0.4.13 and as the VeSTige plugin in 0.4.14. Because the VeSTige names works fine now... 

But if the name is untouched by the user it should change, just like the VeSTige plugin.

2013/5/9 Raine M. Ekman <>
Quoting Stian Jørgensrud <>:

Needs to be fixed in 0.4.15 or before! @Tobias Doerffel

The autorenaming of sf2 files also writes over the customized name! When
you reload a project all the names you gave the sf2 instruments is


Are you saying the name should be preserved only on project load or should it stick also when changing to a new soundfont?


Stian Jørgensrud