There have been a request on the Facebook page

Pedro Celestino would like to create a Portuguese localization (.pt) and have troubles with the localization file. This is the link I (LMMS) have given as direction and teacher,
and this is the answer:

Thanks for the information but something goes wrong ...

Is this command for Linux, right?

beats@beats-System-Product-Name:~$ git clone git://
fatal: destination path 'lmms' already exists and is not an empty directory.

or (file does not exist)

beats@beats-System-Product-Name:~$ touch data/locale/de.ts
touch: impossível executar sobre «data/locale/de.ts»: Ficheiro ou directoria inexistente
beats@beats-System-Product-Name:~$ ^C

I really dont know how to code I would like to help as I have done some translations on launchpad if there is any way please tell me.

I know it is for Linux, but cannot help him with the rest... If someone feels like, please explain me or Pedro how to make the file. Or perhaps you can try yourself and send it to me and I´ll send it to him.