"The MIDI specification only defines note number 60 as "Middle C", and all other notes are relative.
If your MIDI software/device considers octave 0 as being the lowest octave of the MIDI note range, then middle C's note name is C5. The lowest note name is then C0 (note number 0), and the highest possible note name is G10 (note number 127)."

so, since lmms considers C0 as the lowest note, then lmms' piano roll should go up to G10

2013/4/11 Nick Humphrey <>
bump :)

2013/4/1 Nick Humphrey <>
according to this article:

midi 0 is mapped to C-1 (minus 1) and midi 127 is G9.
why is the lowest note in piano roll C0 and the highest at B8?

or am i missing some sort of configuration option for that?
or have i misunderstood midi?
or is that article wrong?


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