Thanks for the info. :) I also looked in the LMMS Wiki and found some info about creating plugins. I need to start reading the website before asking questions. :P

Best regards,
Peter "MoroS" Mrożek

2012/3/18 teknopaul hinds <teknopaul@gmail.com>
There is a plugin API for instruments  check  the Plugin class.

I did not find a setup for an IDE in the source code, but I setup
QtCreator with not too much hassle.


On 18 March 2012 11:29, Piotr Mrożek <dnadesigned@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello.
> I was wondering if there is something like a native plugin API in LMMS. I
> have a few ideas for plugins/instruments for LMMS that I would like to write
> and I don't want to do it with LADSPA/LV2, because I don't know that API
> yet, besides at least one of those plugins would require it's own, specific
> GUI (which would be done in Qt, to remain compatible with LMMS). The other
> reason is that I think that LMMS has the potential to become a really good,
> professional-grade music making application for Linux and I don't want those
> features to be too easy to reimplement in other applications (I know it's a
> bit egoistic, but I'm not really interested in other music apps at the
> moment). ;)
> Another question I have is about the tools used for development. I'm not
> talking about the obvious things like a make tool or GCC. I was wondering if
> you're using a specific IDE for LMMS development, so that I can be as
> compatible with my plugin work as possible. :)
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> Best regards,
> Peter "MoroS" Mrożek
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