Thanks :) are you a mac user jack?

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 5:29 PM, Jack Hughes <> wrote:
Im no developer, but that sounds like an intense project. Best of luck mate :)

On 11/14/12, Jonathan Aquilina <> wrote:
> Hey guys are there any mac users out there that would be interested in
> helping me in a potentially money making project eventually? It woudl
> require one have a mac but an intel based mac.
> Seeing as apple are killing off the pro tools I was thinking and
> contemplating doing my own Audio suite like logic pro but with alot more
> features that are not in logic pro 9. I was acutally thinking of using lmms
> as a foundation for the audio production module. Are there any coders out
> there willing to help me out with getting this project going. Another thing
> I was contemplating is offering multiple audio backends from jack to apples
> core audio and much more.
> Any feed back woudl be appreciated as well as help
> Regards
> --
> Jonathan Aquilina

Jonathan Aquilina