I was speaking with toby last night while all these discussions were going on, and I am going to get things going with moving the current 0.4 stable branch to git hub. This will function as our new master branch. I will also create another branch specifically for UI development. Once we have a UI we like I will merge the changes into the master branch and rebase the 0.4 according to those changes.

I think from now on we should adopt the mentality that all patches should be based against the master branch and then cherry picked to the branches upon approval by someone such as toby and Paul (pgib on irc) that they are not going to cause serious problems with the stable branch and any future stable releases.

Any and all new features should go in the master branch.

I am also going to be migrating bugs to the bug tracker that comes with github

Toby is there anything else you would like to add here?

Jonathan Aquilina