Vesa I agree with you there, my question though is wouldnt it be good to have something like a download archive as well as current stable releases at tuxfamily as well.

Lets say github is down for one reason or another we would have our fallback for downloads at tuxfamily. I could even try to find a way if its even possible to setup db replication as well as website replication to tux family that way if github is offline we have everything on tux family which would be a failover.

On Sun, Jul 6, 2014 at 1:12 PM, Vesa <> wrote:
On 07/06/2014 01:28 PM, Lukas W. wrote:

Apart from this, I don't really see a point in moving to tuxfamily. What does tuxfamily provide that SF does not? In what way is it worth the effort?

Well, SF is a bit of a dead end. They have become unreliable, I have no confidence in keeping any of our stuff there, and the main point is, we should have a place to host our forum, wiki, website, lsp, files etc.

Forum can't be hosted on SF. Wiki can for now... but if we have to move the forum somewhere else, it would be better to consolidate all of our hosting needs there.

If we can host *everything* we need on GitHub, then I would be in favour of using GitHub, but if not, then we need a second site. But I don't think it's sensible to divide everything accross too many sites. Makes things too complicated.

So my vote is, SF has to go, and replace it with either GitHub only, or if GitHub can't handle all our needs, then GitHub + one other site that provides everything GitHub does. SF does not do that (we can't have our forum on SF anymore), so if TuxFamily provides that, then it'd be a sensible choice.

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