As of 1.0 we do have a new logo. If I am not mistaken the name is going to stay LMMS and no longer be called linux multimedia studio (correct me if I am wrong here.)

On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 4:47 PM, Raindrops From Sky <> wrote:
Hi all,

Some time back there was a discussion about renaming LMMS; and also about a better professional-looking logo.
I haven't been able to track that discussion, but are those issues still alive?

I am asking this for a reason: I wrote the original User Manual, which was fairly accurate for the old 0.4.x series.
But the new 1.x series hasa lot of new features and a new-look GUI, so I have started making a new manual.

I wanted to use a new cover design, so placed an appeal for volunteer at the BlenderArtists forum.
Mike Little has responded to that call.
He has a rather nice portfolio.( ,

During our discussion, he suggested that he can re-design the LMS logo also.

So here we are: If the issue is still open, he can make some proposals for voting.


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