David you are wrong it does check. What it does is places a download looking icon where if clicked will let you know what version is out and provides a link.

This would apply to windows and mac mostly.

On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 11:37 PM, David Gerard <dgerard@gmail.com> wrote:
So what do other projects do?

Firefox has a button you can press to check for upgrades. It *also*
checks itself for new versions, but a browser is a rather more
threat-ridden environment than a music application.

LibreOffice doesn't check at all, AFAIK.

Perhaps a check box "do you want this app to check for new versions?"

Also - disable said check on Linux distro builds (we *do* have all the
distro maintainers here on this list, right?), but not for Linux

- d.

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