I was thinking for a while it would be nice to get an event setup where developers could get together and work on the many features that need to get implemented. 

 I am a developer but every time i have spare time and i start looking at the lmms code, i find it a daunting task, considering the codebase is quite large.

If a weekend of lmms development could be organised, the combined forces and expertise of the devs could be put together to achieve a really great end product for the community!

The only problem is location, i live in the uk, so it would be relatively easy for me to meet up with other devs in europe. 

Where do you other devs live?
Would you be interested in setting up such and event?
Maybe we can use kickstart to fund just such an event?


On Thursday, 9 January 2014, giakka96@hotmail.it wrote:
I want to share my thoughts with you about the name of the program.

When I started using LMMS, I read the name as this:
Linux -> related to a community of "open-source program users", so the
program is free but made with effort
Multi-Media -> actually it is a DAW, so I didn't really understand why
is it "multi-media"
Studio -> no real meaning imo, but gives coolness to the program!

I think that "Linux" should be changed to something that still links the
program to the "open-source community" (the simplest example is the
adjective "Open"); then rather that "multi-media" I would use something
more specific to music making.

The first name I came up with is "OpenTracks", or "OpenTracks Studio" if
you prefer, which is again more interesting.
The acronym would be "OTS", which is simpler in English and I think also
less funny in other languages (I'm Italian, and in Italian "LMMS" is
very funny)

I hope my English is not so bad. I'd really like to contribute to this


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