Yes, good idea, I just saw data in ChordCreator::s_chordTable
Are you agree with me that the best ergonomic would be:

There appears to have errors ChordCreator::s_chordTable, e.g.:

On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 11:06 AM, Raine M. Ekman <> wrote:
Quoting "S ." <>:

> Hey guys,
> Here is a new feature, based on stable-0.4 (e5bc77f). It add, for the piano
> roll, the possibility to mark single tone or a specified note based
> diatonic scale (major and natural minor).
> I think it also respond to this requested feature:

Cool! The next step would then be to move the list of scales & chords
out of the arpeggiator so we can get all those choices in the piano
roll as well, right?  :)


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