Hi all,

I am currently updating the User Manual for the latest version (0.4.13). However, I came across the following issues.
Although I wrote the manual, I am not a musician; so I would like to be sure about certain gaps that I came across.

Any pointers would be welcome.

1. Is the "Scales" drop-down list in the Piano Roll working? I found no difference in the way the notes sound whenever I select a different scale.

2. How is the "Scales" control supposed to work? Normally the scale has to be constant throughout a piece, but if you are trying to create a fusion of say Arabic with Western music, probably you'd like to use two different scales for different selections. Is that allowed in LMMS?

3. Does the "scales" control actually use the precise frequencies used in non-Western scales (e.g. Arabic)?

4. Does the "Scales" control provide the just-intonation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just_intonation) that is used in Indian music (both Hindustani and Karnatic music)?