Most probably your sound settings are not correct.

1. Use the Edit>Settings menu option. The Setup LMMS window pops up.

2. Click on the fourth (speaker with green sound waves) icon at the left.

3. In the Audio Interface drop-down list, change the option available.
    In my case SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) option works.

4. Immediately the second drop-down list shows the sub-options for the choice you made above.
    Try all options one by one.
    Do NOT forget to restart LMMS each time.
    Each time, try playing some notes in the Piano editor.

    Note that which octave you play is important:
    Keys between C6-C7 are best representative of the sampled sound.

   Sound at lower pitches (C4) may not sound good because of wavetable limitations.
   So even if your settings are correct, it may sound like a bulldog thinking aloud where to bite you.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 till you get a proper sound.
I just discovered that the User Manual (pdf file) does not have this section!
I will correct that ASAP (in any case the manual is not updated for 0.4.13 yet).

Please let us know how it turned out.


On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 9:31 AM, Roberto Collins <guccumatz@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi. I'm totally new at this.

I downloaded and launched LMMS (lmms-0.4.13-win64) and then also (lmms-0.4.13-win32) because win 64 came up with a problem, but they both have the same problem, to wit:

Any instrument only gives out a raspy low low pitched cricket sound.

"To the right of the Instruments, before the knobs, we have a vertical bar. When clicked it will play the root-note of the instrument."  When I click on it, it gives a very low pitched sound 60-100 cycles per second? sounding something like a raspy voice attempting to trill an "R" as in a spanish Rapido, Rapido, Arr.  When trying out any instrument i.e. pieano, organs, flute; I get different variations of these low rasps. some with a lot of reverb, but none remotely resembling an instrument.  A flute sounds like  a cricket at C7 and a rasping dog at C4.

What am I not doing right?  Please help.

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