1. Playing a pitch different from the base frequency processes the sample through a phase vocoder, which will keep the sound duration identical, but alter the pitch.
2. If you enable "looping" mode, then the sound will still loop, but it will also continue playing from where the last note finished.  This allows you to alter the pitch of a sample without needing to mess around with cloning the sample and changing the start / end positions.
3. If you want to force reset playback to the start of the sample, add a note at the very bottom of the keyboard (< 20 Hz).  Yes, it's a hack, but it works.
4. You can alter the FFT frame size, to allow for either nice quality but very CPU intensive computations, to faster but less nice quality.

I have a prototype GUI and customizations to the themes to work with it, as well.  It needs optimizations (don't try playing two tuned samples at once unless you have major hardware).

This was compiled against the head revision of the git repository.

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