I have compiled lmms with the hopes of having the vestige instrument plug-in working, when i first installed lmms from the source, it installed everything except for vestige. so i have now compiled lmms myself and this message pops up when i first run the program. keep in mind that i have also installed all of the devel files required to compile, its just that the instrument plug-ins (8-bit, mallets, vestige etc.) are nowhere to be found in the instrument plug-ins panel. How do i make a plug-in directory that lmms will recognize or is there a file path i am directing improperly?

The plugin "tripleoscillator" wasn't found or could not be loaded!

Reason: "Cannot load library /usr/local/lib64/lmms/tripleoscillator: (/usr/local/lib64/lmms/libtripleoscillator.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)"

if there is anymore information you require regarding build paths, please let me know.