thanks for your work!

2014-03-31 20:04 GMT+02:00 Tres Finocchiaro <tres.finocchiaro@gmail.com>:
Artwork: (self explanatory)
   - /data/lmms.icns (desktop icon)
   - /data/dmg_branding.png (installer art)

Put them into a commit.

New Scripts: (please advise on where)
   - ??/create_apple_installer.sh (build and relink LMMS.app directory)
   - ??/create_apple_dmg.sh (create installer/drive image)

We can create a new "scripts" directory. Add another commit for these scripts

Code Changes: (please advise on how)
* /CMakeList.txt
   - remove WERROR_FLAGS -Werror, when apple (or clang) is detected



and remove -Werror from the initial SET statement.

   - OPTION(WANT_SWH=OFF, when apple (or clang) is detected

Should be part of the build script.

   - add MacPorts "/opt/local/lib" to LIBRARY_PATH

Same as with the SWH option

* /plugins/dynamics_processor/dynamics_processor.cpp
   - Line 33, add LMMS_BUILD_APPLE to #ifdef
* /plugins/CMakeLists.txt
   - Omit ADD_SUBDIRECTORY(opl2, when apple (or clang) is detected
* /plugins/zynaddsubfx/src/Effects/Alienwah.cpp
   - Replace out.real() += with out +=

Add according commits please (one commit for each change).
* /plugins/zynaddsubfx/CMakeLists.txt

Why is this needed?

Once you have all commits together, please submit a pull request against stable-1.0.