We should create a fork for the new LMMS generation, I'm also pissed off with this anarchy of people commiting things to nowhere. It's only slowing down the process of one of the best DAWs I can use on Linux.


2013/8/21 Israel <israeldahl@gmail.com>
should be updated, seriously.  I know we can read changelogs and be
interested in that, but the 'latest' news is that 0.4.9 was released.

Secondly, I never received input about certain features being
implemented sooner or later... so I am simply going ahead and going to
try to get this version (0.4.15) in tonight for the feature freeze.  I
have been extremely busy, so I hope I am not too late :) as the MIDI fix
is WELL worth getting it in.

I also still have the question about the icon.  Will the icon be updated
anytime soon?  I know there was talk a few months (maybe even half a
year ago... maybe longer) about choosing a new icon, but htat issue
faded away, and I haven't heard anything about it.

Any feedback would be most appreciated.  Either way, I am sure glad the
major issue with Ubuntu (no menu/Dash item) has been fixed.  I still
have never received a satisfactory answer about the software-center
displaying it in the correct area, but it will still appear when the
user installs it, which is a huge bonus.  I hope to shoot for a REALLY
good version of lmms for the next LTS 14.04.  I like some of the recent
talk about some features I have always wanted (the "Patch for
remembering audio file playback last-played position").  Anyhow, thanks
everyone for all your hard work.  I suppose one day my coding skills
will be good enough to do more than simply updating the package for
Ubuntu, and making music with it.

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