Since i'm quite new to lmms development i have a question about how the selection is handled in the song editor.
(This in relation to my other question about the new merge functionality, since this will need a selection mode too)

Was there ever a discussion if we really need a special button for selecting segments?

In theory we could handle this like most file managers handle selection of files.
One exception: just clicking in empty space creates a new segment, which a file manager wouldn't do.

So my proposal:
- using shift+lmb and starting to drag in empty area would do rubberband selection (as now is done by pressing the selection mode button)
- using shift+lmb on a segment would add or remove this segments to/from an existing set of selected segments

I tried using shif+lmb and it doesn't seem to have a functionality applied now. The program is reacting 'somehow' by changing the mouse pointer. under some conditions it seems to select single segments. But overall this looks broken (or I do it wrong)

Could be done with ctrl instead of shift of course, or maybe even alt key.