In message 2, i web link is given with a work in progress, two point to note.
1) the download is none functional 2) don't click the link suggested for support. it generates a pop-up inviting you to check your credit rating..

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Today's Topics:

  1. Re: Posting a User Manual (pdf file) for LMMS at the      website
     (Tobias Doerffel)
  2. Re: LMMS patch for loading VST presets (fxp, fxb)


Message: 1
Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 22:05:34 +0200
From: Tobias Doerffel <>
Subject: Re: [Lmms-users] Posting a User Manual (pdf file) for LMMS at
       the     website
To: Narayan Aras <>,
Message-ID: <>
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Hi Narayan,

good news! Sure I can upload and link it at our website.

Anyway did you know that there's already a manual in the Wiki? Maybe you want
to join the wiki team in the future so we can combine forces :)

Thanks and best regards


Am Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011, 12:58:22 schrieben Sie:
> I have prepared a comprehensive User Manual for LMMS (pdf file, in
> English). I would like to get it posted at the LMMS website.
> I undertake not to claim any copyrights, or donation for the manual.
> Please let me know what the procedure is, such as submission of a
> manuscript for review, etc.)
> Thanks and regards,
> Narayan Aras

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Message: 2
Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 19:29:46 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: Re: [Lmms-users] LMMS patch for loading VST presets (fxp,
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 I made a bit progress on that, now you can control any parameter of
 VST plugin through Automation Editor or with LFO Controller in LMMS
                     :-) the part for VST effects is not done yet..

                                Here is a work in progress version:

To make things work, just click on the "tools" icon in VeSTige near
presets. See attachment.

What's on my list and what is not working yet is the ability to save
     all connections between VST knobs and Automation Editor or LFO
     Controller with LMMS project file. Now you can reconnect those
manually when you load project and then drag&dropthe all connections

Other think I am thinking of is too use a more precise granularity /
    steps for knobs to speed things up, now there is always a float
                       interval <0.0 - 1.0f> for any VST parameter.

Also improving the user interface and adding save and export buttons
                          for parameters and presets would nice :-)

                                                      Best regards,

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