Hi all,

my name is thorsten, I'm a 40yr old developer from germany. I have a good basic understanding of C++, though not pro and not with large projects but I did some small projects in.
Two wees ago a friend who is a hobby musician asked me if I know some good software for creating music and after googling a bit lmms was one of the programs I told her would be worth to try.
In the mid 90s I had a small setup with a few synths (Kawai, Roland) controlled by Cubase. So if have some midi experience too. Especially since it turned out, that I was putting more time in playing around with the setup than actually doing music. Was just more fun to me.

So while I'm no musician I'm interested in the area and would like to put some work into lmms, since I found, that parts of the ui could use a few new options and I guess there is a list with bugs too. I think the ui is a good place to start, since I don't have the mathematical background for the synth part and the midi signal handling would require some more experience. Maybe I can work on this later if there is anything that needs work. (I remember for exmple, that there exist some more technical midi signals to control synth and didn't find anything, only the automation track.

So far I've downloaded the source code and made it compile. It will take me a while to find my way through the source code.
For now my first goal is to add a few simple things. For example:
- in Cubase the moving position marker was visible in the piano-roll. This is in lmms only the case, if you start it with the play button inside the piano-roll window, but then it cycles only the part that's active in piano-roll.
- Another nice to have could be to move the position marker to the start of the song when clicked twice (first click: normal stop, position stays where it is, second click move to start)
- The automation editor could need some tools (straight lines, maybe beziers). Though that would be more work.

Otherwise I will have a look at the forum to see, what people like. Is there a place where I can see what features are wanted most?

When I finished something I will need some help to check in changes.
Is there any defined procedure for testing and uploading new features?
Any other tips on how to start development and find my way through the code would be appreciated of course.