I'm using LMMS 0.4.6 (stable, not the Git version).

In the song editor window, I'm adding an audio track (not with AudioFileProcessor, but directly importing a .wav file into the timeline).
Then, the only available controller appears to be "Volume". Wouldn't it be useful to add a "Pan" controller, and a Ladspa effect chain like in the AudioFileProcessor window ?

I'm not using the AudioFileProcessor because I don't need to sample my audio file (no need to use MIDI here), but I have to put it precisely on the timeline. It would be very interesting to mix this kind of track directly in LMMS like all the MIDI track (filters, EQ, pan, reverb), and not to edit the .wav file in Audacity before importing it in LMMS.

Also, audio files which are imported into the timeline can be resized, but only by their end border (it can only be shrinked by the right side) ; it could be useful to add the same feature but using the left border, so the audio file would begin to play after its real start time.

More, for this kind of track, it should be nice to change the grid precision in order to move them more precisely (for now, song editor just allows to move measure by measure).

Thank you for developping LMMS, and I hope my requests will be listened !