I'am not sure but I suspect that the enormous file size is caused by automation data. There are long ramps with resolusion of 1/64, looks like every point is written in a separate line, that might generate so big files. Maybe vector automation would be a solution here (2 points instead of 3000 or something)

W dniu 10 września 2010 17:24 użytkownik Tobiasz Karoń <unfa00@gmail.com> napisał:
Hi everyone!

I have created a track using 0.4.5 on my other system, then I wanted to continue working on it on my present system on 0.4.8.
I have expirienced several issues:

0.4.8 has live-performance problems, making the sound stutter while playing my song (which might be a result of the next things I've noticed)
0.4.8 have eaten about 1,3 G of my memory which have never happened to me before in any previous versions. Memory leak?
0.4.8 have generated a project file that is full of some rubbish i suppose beacuse my third uncopressed project file is almost 20 M (megabytes, yes) big while my first project file (compressed) is 12 k. My second compressed project file was about 1,3 M big. Weird as hell.
0.4.8 also is using a lot of resources wile saving my project file and it takes several seconds while before I have never noticed any performance problems while saving projects (which doesn't amaze me when I know the output file size)

I'd like to do whatever I can and provide any needed information to help get rid of these problems as they are rather serious.

I'am sending my two project files for reference and a screenshot.

Tobiasz 'unfa' Karoń

Tobiasz 'unfa' Karoń