On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 1:26 PM, insight.am@libero.it <insight.am@libero.it> wrote:
Don't waste your time with this dead project.
Open source model doesn't work for every class of applications.
Go and give some dollars to those smart programmers that start a project and
finish it with business goal in mind. You will have a working, up to date
And you will have choices too.

I'm confused as to why you subscribe?

You said "dead", however Toby is constantly releasing updates.

I have used FruityLoops for years, but it will not run on anything except Windows.  I now use LMMS on Windows and Linux and it suits my needs.  Although the level of quality between free and commercial will always differ, the OP never asked if he could produce professional quality music.  He simply asked for help, and your message doesn't read much like that.



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